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"Overcoming" with fellow Health Coach, Entrepreneur, Director of Operations, Wife and Mom.

Last night, in a FB live video, Leslie Migliorelli and I talked about overcoming things in our lives like depression, anxiety, feelings of embarrassment, knowing we wanted to make a change, but not knowing where to start. We shared just blips of our own personal journey's. Lets be real, everyone hits obstacles in their lives...and we all overcome them. Maybe not in the exact way we had hoped, but whatever obstacle you hit last year, 10 years ago, yesterday you are today trucking forward. THAT is something to be grateful for. Do not carry those things forward with you, carry their lessons, but not their weight. It won't serve you and it will only slow you down.

I wanted to share some practices that can really help get you into a positive, growth mindset. Maybe you've already heard of some of these a 100 times, and maybe not at all, but if you are currently in a state of stuck, what do you have to lose to try? My Mom used to make fun of me and tell me that I was born in the wrong decade, according to her I should have been a hippie (this isn't always said in a complimentary way)...coming from the hippie, the irony is not lost on me. If some of my suggestions make you roll your eyes, I'm going to repeat...what do you have to lose?

My number one suggestion is to remove the negative and put in the positive. I know, it sounds obvious, but this can feel overwhelming and often unnatural for many. If the thought of "removing" anything is daunting to you, then add so much positive that there is less room for the negative.