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1:1 Programs

In our 1:1 program together we really get to take a deep dive into where you are currently, and where you want to go. In these programs you can expect to connect/reconnect deeply with self, cultivate and refine tools from within, utilize provided resources, create action plans, set goals, and receive accountability and partnership along the journey. Options range from maintenance support, short and long term support, and intensive chronic health programs.

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Family and Group Programs

Often times our environment and the people we surround ourselves with, play a large role in the success of our lifestyle shifts. With the Family Programs they are customized to address the goals of an individual, to the entire family, while involving the whole family in the process.

We offer Group programs throughout the year . You can expect to have a personalized experience with the support of a likeminded community. Having a community on a similar journey can be helpful for shifting perspectives and facilitating change. 

We are happy to customize a live group program for your team, friends and family, community, and corporate groups.

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Lab Work Packages

Lab work consultations can be as in depth as ordering a full panel of functional and traditional labs to exploring specific health concerns, establishing a baseline, problem solving, or sitting down with current and existing labwork to discuss, learn more about what it means, and/or explore solutions.


*All lab work is privately run in partnership with Physician Services and Rupa Health, and is not covered by insurance.

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Self Led Progarms

We have a library of self led, goal specific programs and wellness challenges. Many of these programs allow you to dip your toe and sample, some self led lifestyle shifts, explore nutrition, and self care while fitting them flexibly into your schedule.

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