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M & Em travels: Traveling solo with a 3 year old is an experience in growth.

A couple of months ago I was spending the day with my dear friend Jackie. She mentioned that her and her family were taking a trip to Maine soon. As I "oohed and ahhed," I also shared that Acadia was on my bucket list! I actually tried to book us a trip to camp there last fall; apparently me and every other person tired of being holed up in their own house because it was booked solid for months, even though it was the "off season."

Jackie's response, when hearing this? "Come with us!!" For a moment I got excited!! I told her I just might!! Then I felt bad, as if I was a tag along that was just interloping on her family's vacation. She kept prodding me about going, and I finally confessed I felt bad, and didn't want to impose on her family's trip. This was followed shortly by a phone call from David, lol, Jackie's father telling me that I was being ridiculous and that they would love to have me come. To give a little back story, Jackie is one of my closest and most unconditional friends. She's been my right hand since walking into my life many years ago, and I just do life better with her. I love her family, they are all absolute gems. How could I say no to David. I was excited again, and so was Emi!!