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Apparently I knew I was heading here... How Eat Love Live Heal began...

As I was filling out my "Articles of Incorporation" to start this new venture I struggled for weeks on a name. You see I've been in the "Coaching" industry for over 20 years. I mentored through college, I trained horses and taught riding lessons from the age of 15, I started my own business Cornerstone Farm Equestrian, in 2002, and have coached a Collegiate Equestrian Team for 19 years as well. If I have any fellow coaches out there, you know that your "craft" is only a small portion of your coaching. The tools you help build, and contribute to your mentees, students, community...that's the whole reason for coaching, your 'craft" is secondary. I was, and still am, a well respected horse professional, but if I'm being honest, the thing that I loved most about my profession was the impact on the animals lives I was able to have, and more importantly the peoples lives. It has always been a pleasure to help and see others succeed in life, and that has always gone way outside of the barn and title of "Horse Professional" for me. My home is always "open" and I strived for my farm to be an outlet, and home away from home, for others. With my clients, and students...I always loved nurturing them, feeding them, and adding value to their lives. It's really no surprise my life, experiences, and obstacles have led me here. Because of the warm attachment I had to my farm I kept trying to implement Cornerstone, or Cornerstone Farm into my new Coaching career, but it just didn't feel matter how much I wanted it to.

One night, I was up cleaning out a book case and I came across a notebook with lots of handwritten pages. For a moment, my anxiety spiked, and I closed the book. I mentioned my obstacles leading here...through most hard times in my life, I wrote. Honest, raw, heartfelt emotions, poured onto pages. It is a tool that helps me heal, forgive, process and move on...but I wasn't in the mindset to revisit those pages. I took a breath, paused, and curiosity got the best of me.

Before I continue on with my story, I'm going to add that I am a big believer in everything happening for a reason, and that God, the Universe, etc (whatever phrase you are comfortable with) puts things on our path to receive them. Now whether we remain open to receiving is a whole other conversation for a different day, but something led me to this moment in my hallway cleaning out this bookcase.

...And again, curiosity got the best of me. So I took a big breath and I opened the book back up. On the top of the page that I had opened it to said, "Blog Notes." **exhale** this wasn't a painful notebook :)

I'm going to share with you that first Blog I ever wrote below. After I read it that night I cried...this was what my new Coaching Business was meant to be called. I knew it all along, but 5 years ago when I wrote this blog, I wasn't ready yet. I needed more lessons, I needed to re-find my "Why," and I didn't know it then, but I needed people and mentorship to help me figure out "How"

I am so excited to be a part of your journey!! Welcome to a bit of mine...