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Eat. Love. Live. Heal.

Integrative Nutrition and Health Coaching

A little bit about what built my passion for wanting to help others along their journey to holistic wellness .

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Hi, my name is Marisa! I am a Board Certified NB-HWC Health and Wellness Coach, Internationally Certified Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach, Mom, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Equestrian, and Multiple Business Owner.


A little over 11 years ago my health was at it's absolute worst and I couldn't figure out why. For years I just went along with, GI distress, brain fog, weakness in my hands, poor handwriting, discomfort and itching at night or after every shower, chronic bronchitis, yearly pneumonia, repeated skin rashes that I thought were poison ivy, intense swelling and bloating, weight gain, migraines, mood swings, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, chronic intense being "normal."


This list could go on and on... It wasn't until my ICU nurse friend told me that not being able to feel my feet was not normal. I was starting to have black outs in my memory, loose my ability to speak, and have bouts of intense pain that had me immobilized in a ball on the floor. I finally acknowledged this all as not normal, and now officially scary.

There were no clear answers, and referrals for rheumatology and neurology...

I was not thrilled with the idea of the heavy, and high risk meds that went along with this route, and choose the path less travelled. At the time I could not afford to pay out of pocket for an Integrative physician, so I read lots of books and started learning...

In 3 months I couldn't believe how much better I felt, In 6 months I literally felt like a different person and quite possibly the best I may have ever felt in my whole life. In 1.5 years the last of the neurological symptoms I had were gone. A side bonus was that I also lost 40lbs and that wasn't even a goal.


Since then, I have experienced loss and divorce, believed in love again, pregnancy at 39, crisis with my relationship, health crisis with our 14 month old daughter that led us down an entirely new path of holistic healing to keep her off of biologics and other high risk medications. Stepping out of my almost 20 year Equestrian business. Not knowing where life was heading. Healing for my soul, our child and my family.


I am so happy to share that I am almost 10 years in remission, my daughter Emilia is 4 years in remission, and my family is whole and stronger then it ever was. All of our paths to healing looked and still look incredibly different.

Holistic Health and Wellness had become a passion throughout this incredible journey. Nutrition has always had a special place in my heart and nerdy brain. It was during my daughter's health crisis, that I was forced to pivot in my career. It lead me back to school, and down the path of helping others become my full time work.


For 10 years I have been involved in coaching and helping others live a better quality of life and for the last 4 I am blessed to have it be my main profession. I feel incredibly passionate about helping others along their own unique journey to holistic wellness.

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